Son Approved


Brand Story





Son Approved is the embodiment of perfection, persistence and personality, dedicated to the finest food and ingredients. Son Approved is the brainchild of Alison, who was raised in a family of food connoisseurs and has established herself as a culinary authority in Asia. For years, she has celebrated the joy of cooking by sharing her dishes with her nearest and dearest, but little did she know her homemade taro cake would turn into a global culinary platform.

Family recipes passed down to Alison through the generations are her most precious possession. Today, Alison celebrates her heritage and passion for cooking by sharing her heirlooms with the world. In Son Approved, everything is prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients and, most importantly, Alison’s unique take on joie de vivre.

We cordially invite you to join us on the Son Approved gastronomic and eudaemonic adventure.